20 American States Pause Coronavirus Lockdown Opening

Almost 20 American states pause Coronavirus lockdown opening. As many as around 20 states in the United States of America, have hit the pause button on reopening after lockdown, after the spike of New Coronavirus cases that has hit America, in the past couple of weeks or so. The news in America is getting bad […]

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American Mayors And Total Chaos

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American mayors and total chaos! The United States of America has literally been crippled now, what with the Coronavirus pandemic taking its toll and then the rioting all across America, as a result of the killing of George Floyd, by a policeman. Here is what the Mayors of America have to say […]

Coronavirus And Riots Tearing Apart USA

Coronavirus and riots tearing apart USA! On May 26, 2020, after 46-year-old black man George Floyd, was killed by white police officer Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis, USA, protests and rioting broke out all over America. Darrell Scott, New Spirit Revival Center senior pastor said: “An absence of police presence could potentially give rise to acts […]

Peoples Reactions To Killing Of George Floyd Amidst Coronavirus

Peoples reactions to killing of George Floyd amidst Coronavirus “I would like for those officers to be charged with murder. Because that’s exactly what they did. They murdered my brother. He was crying for help.” – Bridgett Floyd, sister of George Floyd. “Violence only begets violence. More force is only going to lead to more […]

George Floyd Tested Positive For Coronavirus

George Floyd tested positive for Coronavirus. George Floyd, the 46 year old black man in America, who was killed by police brutality, tested positive for COVID-19 in April. This was stated in the complete autopsy, which was released by the Hennepin County medical examiner. The report also stated that there was no indication whatsoever that […]