Tom Cruise Rushing To Film Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise rushing to film Mission Impossible 7. Last month, it was reported that Tom was swearing and cursing on the set. Reason being his staff had violated the epidemic rules for filming. The British government announced new blockade measures to prevent the Covid 19 epidemic, but the crew of Mission Impossible 7 was allowed […]

Tom Cruise Sets Up Covid-19 Secure Studio To Complete Filming

Tom Cruise sets up Covid-19 secure studio to complete filming! Tom Cruise was seen screaming in early December 2020, in a video, when two people did not respect social distances on the set of the last Mission Impossible. The actor this time decided to take a radical decision. According to news reports, he has just […]

Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise

How Emily Blunt almost killed Tom Cruise! She is one of the world’s most popular actresses. But that wasn’t always the case, as the actress reveals. She plays alongside the greatest movie stars in the world – and looks amazing too. In her film “Sicario”, Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent on the hunt for […]

Tom Cruise To Go Into Outer Space To Shoot New Film

Tom Cruise to go into outer space to shoot new film! From picking up planes with bare hands, to jumping on motorcycles from cliffs, Tom Cruise continues to challenge difficult action scenes in Hollywood blockbusters. But now, he is going out of the earth! As early as May of this year, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine […]