So Should The World Ban China And Chinese Goods?

So should the world ban China and Chinese goods? China is not just responsible for releasing the deadly COVID-19 pandemic on the world – which resulted in lacs of people dying and millions being infected – China has also released TikTok – which is nothing but Chinese spyware – and Huawei phones that spy on […]

Is Tiktok Chinese Spyware? The Verdict…

Is TikTok Chinese spyware? The verdict… A number of countries have banned TikTok and many more are doing so, following claims being made that TikTok is a spyware of the Chinese government. What are people saying about this?… Papí: “Tiktok is a spyware app; I’ve read the source code. Quit complaining and install triller.” Conna: […]

Bill Passed For People To Sue China For Coronavirus Damages

Bill passed for Americans to sue China for Coronavirus damages! United States Senator Graham announced that the US Senate committee had passed a bill which allowed the people of America to take legal action against China, for damages related to Coronavirus. Senator Graham stated: “China was negligent in dealing with the origins of the virus […]