Over 900,000 COVID-19 Pandemic Deaths

Over 900,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths! And more than 28,000,000 Novel Coronavirus cases – all over the world. The country which has been hit worst by the Coronavirus disease, is America. America has almost 200,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths and almost 6.4 million cases, because of COVID-19. Here is what Americans have to say about the COVID-19 […]

Syrians Hospitals In State Of Panic

Syrians hospitals in state of panic! The distressing conditions in hospitals in Syria, the pervasive confusion, the Coronavirus disease patients forced to wait for others to die in order to be given ventilators to save their lives… This is the state of Syrians hospitals! Syria slowed down for a while in lockdown, but as it […]

The “Boris Johnson Formula” For Fighting Coronavirus

The “Boris Johnson Formula” for fighting Coronavirus! Here’s what Boris Johnson, the PM of the United Kingdom, Tweeted on how to protect against the killer Coronavirus… “Folks, if we all remember to do these three things, then we can keep the virus under control. Wash your hands, cover your face, and keep your space from […]

The BIG Lie About Hydroxychloroquine For Coronavirus!

The big lie about hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus! Over half a million people have died so far, because of the big lie being told that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), is of no use to treat people suffering from the New Coronavirus. But Dr. Stella Immanuel just announced that she herself had treated more than 350 patients who were […]

Has Jair Bolsonaro Really Tested Negative For Coronavirus?

Has Jair Bolsonaro really tested negative for Coronavirus? “President Jair Bolsonaro has tested negative for coronavirus after testing positive three times” – such has been Tweeted by The Spectator Index. Fatimah Tweets: “This is good news. He must act sensibly now and should work hard to protect more and more lives of Brazilians.” Arturo Fantini […]

Only Women Should Wear Coronavirus Masks

Only women should wear Coronavirus masks! This was the statement that has been said by Abbas Tabrizian! IranTrue Tweets: “Abbas Tabrizian, self-called “father of Islamic medicine”: coronavirus is not transmitted to men through air or personal contact among men, but only women can transmit it to men through close contact! To stop spreading the virus, […]

Iran Leaders Increasing Atrocities Amidst Coronavirus

Iran leaders increasing atrocities amidst Coronavirus! It appears that the leaders of Iran are not satisfied with the damage and death that is being caused by the killer COVID-19 pandemic in the country – The number of atrocities being committed by the leaders of Iran, in the past few weeks, is on a rapid rise. […]

Should China Be Held Accountable For Coronavirus?

Should China be held accountable for Coronavirus? The Coronavirus pandemic began its death taking journey, in late December 2019, (Or much before that??), in Wuhan, China. Since then, a number of countries and people have been asking if China should be held accountable for Coronavirus for the death and destruction that the killer virus has […]

America Blasts Trump Over Schools Coronavirus Reopening!

America blasts Trump over schools Coronavirus reopening! The word is out that schools in America are going to reopen – this in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic that is creating havoc in America – and leaving a trail of deaths and infections – the likes of which are unbelievable – but true! The man who […]

United Kingdom To Enforce Coronavirus Mask Rules

United Kingdom to enforce Coronavirus mask rules!  Face to face coverings in the United Kingdom became mandatory on public transport, on 15 June, 2020, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. On 24 July, 2020, these rules will also be applicable for shops in the United Kingdom. Any person found disregarding these rules for shops, could be […]