Reproduction Rate Of Coronavirus On The Rise?

Reproduction rate of Coronavirus on the rise? According to new estimates done on the reproduction rate of the Novel Coronavirus, it is believed that the reproduction rate of the virus has now risen by about 1 or more than 1, in countries like Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain and France. So, if the reproduction rate of […]

What Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel Says About Coronavirus And Other Things

What Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel says about Coronavirus and other things! If you still haven’t the faintest notion about who Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel is, then it is likely that you are not living on this planet! Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel is now the most famous person on this planet. Reason being, she has supposedly […]

Americans Will Not Get Unemployment Benefits In Coronavirus Pandemic!

Americans will not get unemployment benefits in Coronavirus pandemic! The shocking news is out – it is unlikely that Americans are going to receive unemployment benefits anymore, after next week. This was announced on Wednesday, by Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff. Mark Meadows said: “The original unemployment benefits actually paid people to stay […]

Can You Risk Your Kid In School, Amidst Coronavirus?

Can you risk your kids in school, amidst Coronavirus? Many countries are opening schools, this in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic spreading all over and more and more people dying. Would you send your child to school when this killer Coronavirus is taking so many lives? Ella Said: “Ive seen with my own eyes what […]

The BIG Lie About Hydroxychloroquine For Coronavirus!

The big lie about hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus! Over half a million people have died so far, because of the big lie being told that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), is of no use to treat people suffering from the New Coronavirus. But Dr. Stella Immanuel just announced that she herself had treated more than 350 patients who were […]

Only Women Should Wear Coronavirus Masks

Only women should wear Coronavirus masks! This was the statement that has been said by Abbas Tabrizian! IranTrue Tweets: “Abbas Tabrizian, self-called “father of Islamic medicine”: coronavirus is not transmitted to men through air or personal contact among men, but only women can transmit it to men through close contact! To stop spreading the virus, […]

Coronavirus And The Chengdu Conspiracy

Coronavirus and the Chengdu Conspiracy! Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US consulate in Chengdu has been closed since February 2020. So, why then is China making such a big ruckus of telling the United States to shut down the consulate and telling Americans to leave the premises of the US consulate in Chengdu?? Jennifer […]

Chengdu, Coronavirus and China!

Chengdu, Coronavirus and China! Chengdu is in the news. This is China retaliating against the United States of America telling them to close down their consulate in Houston, America and go home. MamaSusu Tweets: “People said ChengduConsulate was closed since Feb due to virus. NO USA staff there ! What a good show with live […]

4 Million Plus Coronavirus Cases In America

4 million plus Coronavirus cases in America. US President Donald Trump had said on February 26, 2020: “We have a total of 15 cases… and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” The United States of America now has […]

Brazil’s President Tests Positive For Coronavirus 3rd Time!

Brazil’s President tests positive for Coronavirus 3rd time! PsyberspaceSuperstar Tweets: “This is not a surprise to me as I heard the testing isn’t for the COVID19 virus just alive but can register positive with a trace of the virus is still present in someone who was infected. This can continue for months” Jair Bolsonaro, the […]