Discrimination Of Vaccines In Mainland China

Discrimination of vaccines in mainland China! Minister of Health and Fu Chen Shizhong went to the Legislative Yuan on the 25th, to report on the bailout 3.0 budget. He said that the new crown vaccine has a spectrum. He has signed a contract with COVAX and paid a deposit at the end of the month, […]

Over 900,000 COVID-19 Pandemic Deaths

Over 900,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths! And more than 28,000,000 Novel Coronavirus cases – all over the world. The country which has been hit worst by the Coronavirus disease, is America. America has almost 200,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths and almost 6.4 million cases, because of COVID-19. Here is what Americans have to say about the COVID-19 […]

Boris Johnson Answers Questions About COVID-19

Boris Johnson answers questions about COVID-19! Some time back, the Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson, said: I’ll be answering some of your questions about coronavirus. Here is how people reacted to Boris Johnson answers questions: Art: If we need to wear masks because the virus can spread in shops….why are you allowing pubs and […]

Syrians Hospitals In State Of Panic

Syrians hospitals in state of panic! The distressing conditions in hospitals in Syria, the pervasive confusion, the Coronavirus disease patients forced to wait for others to die in order to be given ventilators to save their lives… This is the state of Syrians hospitals! Syria slowed down for a while in lockdown, but as it […]

Only Women Should Wear Coronavirus Masks

Only women should wear Coronavirus masks! This was the statement that has been said by Abbas Tabrizian! IranTrue Tweets: “Abbas Tabrizian, self-called “father of Islamic medicine”: coronavirus is not transmitted to men through air or personal contact among men, but only women can transmit it to men through close contact! To stop spreading the virus, […]

Iran Leaders Increasing Atrocities Amidst Coronavirus

Iran leaders increasing atrocities amidst Coronavirus! It appears that the leaders of Iran are not satisfied with the damage and death that is being caused by the killer COVID-19 pandemic in the country – The number of atrocities being committed by the leaders of Iran, in the past few weeks, is on a rapid rise. […]

Bastille Day Celebrated Amidst Coronavirus

Bastille Day celebrated amidst Coronavirus. How did France celebrate Bastille Day 2020 in the midst of a Coronavirus pandemic that is creating chaos and leaving a trail of deaths and infected people all around the world? This Tweet from Hashim says it all: “France held a scaled-down annual Bastille Day celebration on Tuesday, with none […]

What Penny Wong Says About Coronavirus

What Penny Wong says about Coronavirus. Here is what Penny Wong has to say about the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused over 13.5 million cases and over half a million deaths all across the globe: “Coronavirus catastrophe fuelling ‘a macho strain of nationalism’” Penny Wong states: “The world must confront the “stark truth” that its […]

The End Of Orthodoxy… And Coronavirus?

The end of Orthodoxy… and Coronavirus? Penny Wong, Australian Labor’s Senate leader has written an essay titled: The End of Orthodoxy. A dictionary meaning of the word Orthodoxy is: “The generally accepted beliefs of society at a particular time: The current economic orthodoxy is of a free market and unregulated trade.” In the essay, Penny […]

Coronavirus Is Now Airborne?

Coronavirus is now airborne? The World Health Organization has finally accepted evidence which suggests that the deadly COVID-19 could be airborne. WHO has finally declared that it cannot be ruled out that the killer Coronavirus, could also spread through air. The response from WHO, has come after some scientists wrote to the health agency of […]