Over 900,000 COVID-19 Pandemic Deaths

Over 900,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths! And more than 28,000,000 Novel Coronavirus cases – all over the world. The country which has been hit worst by the Coronavirus disease, is America. America has almost 200,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths and almost 6.4 million cases, because of COVID-19. Here is what Americans have to say about the COVID-19 […]

The “No Need To Wear A Coronavirus Mask” Attitude Is Growing!

The no “need to wear a Coronavirus mask” attitude is growing! On Wednesday, the Dutch government announced that it is not going to advise the public of its country to wear masks. Tamara van Ark, Minister for Medical Care said: “Because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has […]

New Zealand Has 5 Star Coronavirus Quarantine

New Zealand has 5 star Coronavirus quarantine. I feel it is very fitting to write this article today, it being the Birthday of the Prime Minster of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern. Yesterday, a friend called me from New Zealand and what she told me just shocked me. This is what she said about the […]

Trump Mourns Americans Dead Because Of Coronavirus

Trump mourns Americans dead because of Coronavirus. US President Donald Trump said: “As one family, we mourn every precious life that’s been lost. I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine, and we will defeat the virus.” Now how well or UNWELL did that go down with people? Let’s take a look: […]

WHO Says Coronavirus Vaccine Unlikely Before 2021

WHO says Coronavirus vaccine unlikely before 2021. Fakhri said: “Why do they come out only to scare the world!!!” The World Health Organization has stated that even though good progress is being made to make a New Coronavirus vaccine, it is unlikely that the world may see a vaccine out, before 2021. Mike Ryan, WHO […]

Coronavirus Spike In Canada!

Coronavirus spike in Canada! Canada is now seeing a spike in the number of Novel Coronavirus cases. All across Canada, 267 new cases of the Coronavirus disease have been reported, in the past 24 hours. Health officials of Canada have stated that by July 17, 2020, the death toll due to the Coronavirus pandemic in […]

99% Of Coronavirus Cases In America Totally Harmless

99% of Coronavirus cases in America totally harmless! This was the claim made by US President Donald Trump when he said: “Now we have tested almost 40 million people, 99% of which are totally harmless.” Donald Trump went on to say: “We’ll likely have a therapeutic and/or a vaccine solution long before the end of […]

Spike In Coronavirus Deaths Expected

Spike in Coronavirus deaths expected! The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic is accelerating all over the globe and as a result, there is an expected increase in the number of deaths worldwide, due to the killer Coronavirus. Dr Michael Ryan, Executive Director, World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme stated […]

Singapore Sends Coronavirus Dog Robot Patrol To Enforce Social Distancing

Singapore Sends Coronavirus Dog Robot Patrol To Enforce Social Distancing

Singapore sends Coronavirus dog robot patrol to enforce social distancing. Yes Singapore is now trying its best to enforce social distancing in the country and prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and it is now sending out dog robot patrols. This robot dog is called Spot and it has been manufactured by US-based Boston […]

Why Men Are More Susceptible To Coronavirus

Why Men Are More Susceptible To Coronavirus

Why men are more susceptible to Coronavirus! The latest news is that Novel Coronavirus is killing more men than women. There is a new risk factor that has now emerged with regards to the killer COVID-19 – and that is – being male! The first indications of this came from hospital records in Wuhan, China. […]