Coronavirus Set To Ravage America Post July 4th

Coronavirus set to ravage America post July 4th. Post American Independence day celebrations, the Coronavirus pandemic is set to surge on in full stride and cripple America, more than it already has. On the Fourth of July, as a result of the celebrations on beaches, picnics, pool parties, etc., there has been a big spike […]

Coronavirus Warning For American Independence

Coronavirus warning for American Independence. As America gets ready to celebrate its independence day, the number of Coronavirus cases in America is rising rapidly. At least 36 states in America, have seen a tremendous spike in the number New Coronavirus cases, in the past few weeks, as a result of the easing of lockdowns, all […]

100,000 Coronavirus Cases Per Day In America?

100,000 Coronavirus cases per day in America? Will the United States of America soon start to see 100,000 Novel Coronavirus cases per day? Such is the warning that has been issued to the American Senate Health and Education Committee, by Dr. Anthony Fauci, leading infectious disease expert in America. In the past few weeks, there […]

20 American States Pause Coronavirus Lockdown Opening

Almost 20 American states pause Coronavirus lockdown opening. As many as around 20 states in the United States of America, have hit the pause button on reopening after lockdown, after the spike of New Coronavirus cases that has hit America, in the past couple of weeks or so. The news in America is getting bad […]

Almost 50,000 Coronavirus Cases In America In 24 Hours

Almost 50,000 Coronavirus cases in America in 24 hours America reported the highest number of New Coronavirus cases in 24 hours, on Friday – more than 40,800. Over the past two weeks, the number of Coronavirus cases in America, on an average, has seen an increase by 60%. Mostly, there has been a spike in […]

China At The Centre Of Blame For Coronavirus

China At The Centre Of Blame For Coronavirus! Very recently, Donald Trump, the President of America, called the New Coronavirus as: “Kung flu”. Donald Trump said that Coronavirus! Was a disease that has a number of names, in fact, more names than any other disease that has been seen in the history of the world. […]

Nearly 700 Coronavirus Deaths In America In 24 Hours

Nearly 700 Coronavirus deaths in America in 24 hours! This is definitely a shock to the entire world, as in the past 24 hours, the United States of America has reported almost 691 Novel Coronavirus deaths and 31,905 new COVID-19 cases. The total number of cases is now 2.3 million and deaths is now 122,000 […]

Coronavirus On The Rise In Almost Half The States Of America

Coronavirus on the rise in almost half the states of America. All across the United States of America, lockdowns are being rolled back by the states. But this in no way implies that the Coronavirus pandemic has finished with America. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in almost half of the American states. This is […]


Almost 900,000 Coronavirus Cases In Brazil

Almost 900,000 Coronavirus cases in Brazil! In Brazil nearly 900,000 people are infected and almost 45,000 are dead, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Brazil is now second to the United States of America with regards to Novel Coronavirus, America has almost 2.2 million cases and over 118,000 deaths. According to the Health Ministry, over the […]

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American Mayors And Total Chaos

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American mayors and total chaos! The United States of America has literally been crippled now, what with the Coronavirus pandemic taking its toll and then the rioting all across America, as a result of the killing of George Floyd, by a policeman. Here is what the Mayors of America have to say […]