The “Boris Johnson Formula” For Fighting Coronavirus

The “Boris Johnson Formula” for fighting Coronavirus! Here’s what Boris Johnson, the PM of the United Kingdom, Tweeted on how to protect against the killer Coronavirus… “Folks, if we all remember to do these three things, then we can keep the virus under control. Wash your hands, cover your face, and keep your space from […]

People In UK Unwilling To Take Coronavirus Vaccine

People in UK unwilling to take Coronavirus vaccine! 110 Coronavirus deaths in UK in 24 hours! But, the figures of the number of cases and deaths in the United Kingdom, due to the Coronavirus catastrophe, continue to show a decline. Fact is, data shows that thrice as many people are now dying of pneumonia and […]

United Kingdom To Enforce Coronavirus Mask Rules

United Kingdom to enforce Coronavirus mask rules!  Face to face coverings in the United Kingdom became mandatory on public transport, on 15 June, 2020, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. On 24 July, 2020, these rules will also be applicable for shops in the United Kingdom. Any person found disregarding these rules for shops, could be […]

Second Wave Of Coronavirus Looming Large Over United Kingdom

Second wave of Coronavirus looming large over United Kingdom. Ever since the lockdown in the United Kingdom, the country is seeing the lowest deaths because of Novel Coronavirus. But, the threat of a second wave of Coronavirus infections, is now looming large over the United Kingdom. According to data released by the UK government on […]

Coronavirus Now Kills 40,000 In United Kingdom

Coronavirus now kills 40,000 in United Kingdom. UK is one of the worst hit countries in the world by Novel Coronavirus. But if deaths in care homes and various other settings are taken into consideration for the previous week, then the death toll because of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom, would have already gone past […]

Russia Hit With 10,000 New Coronavirus Cases In 24 Hours

Russia Hit With 10,000 New Coronavirus Cases In 24 Hours

In a shocking news, it was reported that Russia was hit with 10,000 new Coronavirus cases in 24 hours. This brings the number of New Coronavirus cases in Russia to almost 2,00,000 and the number of deaths to a little over 1,800. Lockdown measures have already been enforced in Russia. The Coronavirus task force of […]

Black Market In Fake Coronavirus Test Results

Black Market In Fake Coronavirus Test Results

And now there is even a black market in fake Coronavirus test results – or there could be, very soon. Scientific advisors at Downing Street, UK, have warned that people could deliberately seek to get infected by Novel Coronavirus and because of this, there could be the emergence of a black market of fake Coronavirus […]