WHO Says Coronavirus Vaccine Unlikely Before 2021

WHO says Coronavirus vaccine unlikely before 2021. Fakhri said: “Why do they come out only to scare the world!!!” The World Health Organization has stated that even though good progress is being made to make a New Coronavirus vaccine, it is unlikely that the world may see a vaccine out, before 2021. Mike Ryan, WHO […]

Lowering Of Coronavirus Testing Caused Spike In America?

Lowering of Coronavirus testing caused spike in America? In an interview, US President Donald Trump was asked if he had told his administration to lower the Novel Coronavirus testing. He replied: “No, but I think we put ourselves at a disadvantage, I told my people. I said, ‘We’ve gotten so good at testing … We […]

China Giving Unapproved Coronavirus Vaccines To People?

China giving unapproved Coronavirus vaccines to people? In a shocking report, it has been revealed that China has started giving Novel Coronavirus vaccines to people – and these vaccines have not been approved! The news going around the globe is that now, China is offering various versions of their Coronavirus vaccines to their armed forces […]

Mick Mulvaney Blasts American Coronavirus Testing

Mick Mulvaney blasts American Coronavirus testing. Mick Mulvaney, former White House Chief of Staff, has criticized the American Novel Coronavirus testing process. Mick Mulvaney stated: “I know it isn’t popular to talk about in some Republican circles, but we still have a testing problem in this country.” Mick Mulvaney said that his son had tested […]