Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Herd Immunity Is A Terrible Idea!

Dr Anthony Fauci says herd immunity is a terrible idea! On Thursday, August 13, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House Coronavirus advisor warned: “If the U.S. allowed the Coronavirus to spread unchecked in an attempt to try to achieve so-called herd immunity, the “death toll would be enormous. If everyone contracted it, even with the […]

Coronavirus And Making America Great Again!

Coronavirus and making America great again!! Donald Trump Tweeted a few hours ago: ”MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Mrs. Krassenstein Tweets in response: “YOU HAD 4 YEARS TO DO THIS.  You made things much worse. I’m old enough to remember when Trump changed his campaign slogan to “Keep America Great.”  Now he’s back to “Make America […]

Putin’s Resignation Demanded Amidst Coronavirus

Putin’s resignation demanded amidst Coronavirus! Anton Troianovski Tweets: “This was sparked by the arrest of a popular governor, Sergei Furgal. Khabarovites widely saw it as Putin’s move to get rid of an insufficiently loyal official. Many thousands are in the streets of Khabarovsk, 4,000 miles east of Moscow, for the 3rd Saturday straight in the […]

Will There Ever Be A Coronavirus Vaccine?

Text: Will there ever be a Coronavirus vaccine? Thousands of people are dying every day and millions have been infected, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. There is a lot of talk that a Coronavirus vaccine is imminent and should be out late this year – or somewhere […]

Why Blame Trump For Coronavirus?

Why blame Trump for Coronavirus? The human race is such a miserable lot, they just want to put the blame on someone (Even if that someone happens to be the President of the United States of America!) – for something, anything – or even nothing for that matter! Look at what happened with the killer […]

Coronavirus Situation To Get Worse Says Donald Trump

Coronavirus situation to worsen says Donald Trump! US President Donald Trump has said that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to worsen in America, before it gets better. Nunyr says: “No.  He didn’t. He’s just finally repeating what has been said over and over again by medical experts for months and what he has been dismissing […]

Lowering Of Coronavirus Testing Caused Spike In America?

Lowering of Coronavirus testing caused spike in America? In an interview, US President Donald Trump was asked if he had told his administration to lower the Novel Coronavirus testing. He replied: “No, but I think we put ourselves at a disadvantage, I told my people. I said, ‘We’ve gotten so good at testing … We […]

Spike In Japan Coronavirus Cases In 24 Hours

Spike in Japan Coronavirus cases in 24 hours. By 10:30 p.m., July 16, 2020, there were 622 New Coronavirus cases, reported by Japan, in 24 hours. This was a record high of the daily number of Coronavirus cases seen in Japan, since the time the state of emergency had been lifted in Japan, in late […]

317 Coronavirus Cases In Victoria In 24 Hours

317 Coronavirus cases in Victoria in 24 hours. This was a record number of daily infections seen in Victoria, Australia, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Plus, another couple of men in their 80s have died because of the killer Coronavirus. Premier Daniel Andrews said: “I know there’s been a lot of discussion, a […]

Will WHO Head Reveal Truth About Coronavirus?

Will WHO head reveal truth about Coronavirus? A very big mystery appears to be unraveling, with regards to Coronavirus, China and WHO! Gordon G. Chang Tweeted on Jul 10, 2020: “Li-Meng Yan, a HongKong virologist and immunologist and one of the first researchers outside mainland China to study COVID19, says Beijing covered up the disease’s […]