New Zealand Has 5 Star Coronavirus Quarantine

New Zealand has 5 star Coronavirus quarantine. I feel it is very fitting to write this article today, it being the Birthday of the Prime Minster of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern. Yesterday, a friend called me from New Zealand and what she told me just shocked me. This is what she said about the […]

New Zealand Not Coronavirus Free Anymore

New Zealand not Coronavirus free anymore! Last week, New Zealand announced that it had no new or active New Coronavirus cases and lifted all economic and social restrictions, except for border controls. But on Tuesday, New Zealand’s 24-day run of no new Coronavirus infections, came to an end, when the country announced that it had […]

Coronavirus Cases In Australia On The Rise

Coronavirus Cases In Australia On The Rise

The number of Coronavirus cases in Australia are on the rise. 5 mysterious COVID-19 infections were found in NSW, Australia, yesterday. Australian authorities were frantically trying to discover what the source of these infections was. “Five are currently under investigation as to the source of the infection.” – Dr. Kerry Chant, NSW chief health officer. […]