The “No Need To Wear A Coronavirus Mask” Attitude Is Growing!

The no “need to wear a Coronavirus mask” attitude is growing! On Wednesday, the Dutch government announced that it is not going to advise the public of its country to wear masks. Tamara van Ark, Minister for Medical Care said: “Because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has […]

Why People Are Refusing To Wear Coronavirus Masks

Why people are refusing to wear Coronavirus masks! There is no doubt about it, that by wearing a Novel Coronavirus mask, one can save one’s own life – as well as the lives of other people. Yet, all across the globe, people are simply refusing to wear masks. Why is this so? Let us look […]

Donald Trump Wears Coronavirus Mask – Why?

Donald Trump wears Coronavirus mask – WHY? For the first time, the President of America, Donald Trump, wore a Novel Coronavirus mask in public, when he visited the Walter Reed Medical Center. Just how are people responding to the President of America finally wearing a Coronavirus disease mask? Here are some views on Reddit on […]