Russian Coronavirus Vaccine A Fake?

Russian Coronavirus vaccine a fake? On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced: “As far as I know, this morning the first vaccine against the novel conoravirus infection in the world was registered this morning.” Mark: “The vaccine is actually the one stolen from Cambridge Unversity in May 2020, So Putins daughter and […]

Why Is China Interfering With America 2020 Elections?

Why is China interfering with America 2020 elections? The reports are coming in from all over, China is now hell bent on interfering with America 2020 elections. Why is this so? Here is what is being reported on the Chinese interfering with the American 2020 elections: Henry: “I’ll add another twist to that. Saudis funded […]

Reproduction Rate Of Coronavirus On The Rise?

Reproduction rate of Coronavirus on the rise? According to new estimates done on the reproduction rate of the Novel Coronavirus, it is believed that the reproduction rate of the virus has now risen by about 1 or more than 1, in countries like Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain and France. So, if the reproduction rate of […]

What Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel Says About Coronavirus And Other Things

What Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel says about Coronavirus and other things! If you still haven’t the faintest notion about who Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel is, then it is likely that you are not living on this planet! Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel is now the most famous person on this planet. Reason being, she has supposedly […]

Do We Finally Have A Cure For Coronavirus?

Do we finally have a cure for Coronavirus? This is what the doctor who has supposedly found a cure for the killer Novel Coronavirus is saying: “I’m not going to let Americans die, there is a cure for COVID-19, it’s called Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Zithromax”. BUT, not everyone believes that the doctor really has found […]