Coronavirus Will Be Speaking For Itself

What people all over the globe have to say about Coronavirus… Corina Abdulahm Negura says: “A pandemic paradoxically becomes an opportunity to finally be able to deal with ourselves, in a long interval where the world has stopped and everything around us starts to function at a slow pace. Shopping becomes a long and slow […]


Almost 900,000 Coronavirus Cases In Brazil

Almost 900,000 Coronavirus cases in Brazil! In Brazil nearly 900,000 people are infected and almost 45,000 are dead, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Brazil is now second to the United States of America with regards to Novel Coronavirus, America has almost 2.2 million cases and over 118,000 deaths. According to the Health Ministry, over the […]

Coronavirus Found On Particles Of Air Pollution

Coronavirus found on particles of air pollution. Scientists have now found the New Coronavirus on particles of air pollution. These findings are in the preliminary stages and it is not yet ascertained whether or not Coronavirus can remain viable on pollution particles and if so, can it do so in quantities that are large enough […]

Fresh Coronavirus Cases Reported In Beijing!

Fresh Coronavirus cases reported in Beijing! It has been reported that parts of Beijing are now under lockdown as new cases of the Novel Coronavirus have been found there. A fresh Coronavirus cluster has been reported to have been found in Beijing. So far, 7 of these Coronavirus cases are linked to the Xinfadi meat […]