Coronavirus Is Now Airborne?

Coronavirus is now airborne? The World Health Organization has finally accepted evidence which suggests that the deadly COVID-19 could be airborne. WHO has finally declared that it cannot be ruled out that the killer Coronavirus, could also spread through air. The response from WHO, has come after some scientists wrote to the health agency of […]

Coronavirus Spike In Victoria, Australia.

Coronavirus spike in Victoria, Australia. 41 new Novel Coronavirus cases were recorded in Victoria, Australia, which brought the total number of cases to 1947. The last couple of weeks has seen a big increase in the number of Coronavirus cases here and experts are extremely concerned that there could be a second wave of New […]

Kids Start Schooling Again Amidst Coronavirus

Kids start schooling again amidst Coronavirus. All over the globe, in many countries, kids have started going to school once again, in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic raging in full force. But just how safe are kids in school at a time when Coronavirus is killing more and more people all over the globe and […]

Over 50,000 People Dead In Brazil Because Of Killer Coronavirus

Over 50,000 people dead in Brazil because of killer Coronavirus and there are now more than 1 million Novel Coronavirus cases in the country. This makes Brazil the #2 hotspot in the globe, for the Coronavirus pandemic, the #1 being the United States of America. The Health Ministry reported that in the last 24 hours, […]

Dexamethasone Could Save Critically Ill Coronavirus Patients

Dexamethasone could save critically ill Coronavirus patients! The latest news on the Coronavirus disease front is that the corticosteroid Dexamethasone, could prove to be a lifesaving drug, for those patients who are critically ill due to Coronavirus. The initial clinical trial results of this, have come from the United Kingdom. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO […]

New Zealand Not Coronavirus Free Anymore

New Zealand not Coronavirus free anymore! Last week, New Zealand announced that it had no new or active New Coronavirus cases and lifted all economic and social restrictions, except for border controls. But on Tuesday, New Zealand’s 24-day run of no new Coronavirus infections, came to an end, when the country announced that it had […]

Coronavirus Has Mutated And Is More Dangerous Now

Coronavirus has mutated and is more dangerous now! In Florida, USA, according to the latest study that has been conducted by Scripps Research Institute experts, it has been said that the Novel Coronavirus could have mutated, thus making it much more infectious. On Friday, Scripps Research Institute published the study which states: “Covid-19-causing viral variant […]

Coronavirus Won’t Last Long

Loads of people all over the globe, are taking to humor, to take the stress of what is happening due to the killer Coronavirus. So, here are a few jokes that are sure to cheer you up in these harsh times: Every diaster movie starts with the government ignoring a scientist. A truckload of Americans […]

Hundreds Of Kids In Indonesia Dead Due To Coronavirus?

Hundreds of kids in Indonesia dead due to Coronavirus? It is believed that hundreds of kids in Indonesia have died because of Novel Coronavirus. This has made Indonesia, the country in the world, with the highest death rate for kids suffering from New Coronavirus. This is actually shocking news, as world experts say that Coronavirus […]

Doubt Being Cast On Russian Coronavirus Numbers

Doubt being cast on Russian Coronavirus numbers! Monday saw Russia confirming 8,985 new Novel Coronavirus cases, with the official number of Coronavirus cases now being 476,658. In the past 24 hours in Russia, 112 people have died because of New Coronavirus and the total death toll in Russia because of the killer virus is now […]