So Should The World Ban China And Chinese Goods?

So should the world ban China and Chinese goods? China is not just responsible for releasing the deadly COVID-19 pandemic on the world – which resulted in lacs of people dying and millions being infected – China has also released TikTok – which is nothing but Chinese spyware – and Huawei phones that spy on […]

Is Tiktok Chinese Spyware? The Verdict…

Is TikTok Chinese spyware? The verdict… A number of countries have banned TikTok and many more are doing so, following claims being made that TikTok is a spyware of the Chinese government. What are people saying about this?… Papí: “Tiktok is a spyware app; I’ve read the source code. Quit complaining and install triller.” Conna: […]

Bill Passed For People To Sue China For Coronavirus Damages

Bill passed for Americans to sue China for Coronavirus damages! United States Senator Graham announced that the US Senate committee had passed a bill which allowed the people of America to take legal action against China, for damages related to Coronavirus. Senator Graham stated: “China was negligent in dealing with the origins of the virus […]

Xi Jinping Is A Complete Clown

Xi Jinping is a complete clown! Ren Zhiqiang, Chinese real estate mogul says… “Xi Jinping is a complete clown, but if you call him that in China, you will be put in jail. Donald Trump is also a clown and my saying this will not land me in jail. That is just one major difference […]

Coronavirus And The Chengdu Conspiracy

Coronavirus and the Chengdu Conspiracy! Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US consulate in Chengdu has been closed since February 2020. So, why then is China making such a big ruckus of telling the United States to shut down the consulate and telling Americans to leave the premises of the US consulate in Chengdu?? Jennifer […]

Chengdu, Coronavirus and China!

Chengdu, Coronavirus and China! Chengdu is in the news. This is China retaliating against the United States of America telling them to close down their consulate in Houston, America and go home. MamaSusu Tweets: “People said ChengduConsulate was closed since Feb due to virus. NO USA staff there ! What a good show with live […]

Coronavirus Not China Virus!

Coronavirus not China Virus! If Shakespeare were alive today, he would have had another big question – China Virus – to call or not to call??! There are a lot of arguments and discussions circulating the globe, as to whether or not the Coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, China, should be called the China Virus […]

Beijing Coronavirus Cluster Started One Month Before?

Beijing Coronavirus cluster started one month before? Did the new Novel Coronavirus cases that have been found in Beijing, China, a few days ago, actually begin a month back? This is the big question that is now being asked. Gao Fu, the Director of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has stated that the […]

Coronavirus Situation Critical In Beijing

Coronavirus situation critical in Beijing! On Tuesday, a city official of Beijing warned that the situation in Beijing was “extremely severe”, as 27 new COVID-19 infections were reported in the Chinese capital. WHO (World Health Organization) has expressed concern about this, considering the size and connectivity of Beijing. This resurgence of Coronavirus infections, is believed […]

Coronavirus In Wuhan Since August 2019?

Coronavirus in Wuhan since August 2019? According to a new study, there is news that the Novel Coronavirus could have existed in Wuhan, China, since as early as August 2018. This new study has been made by Boston children’s hospital, Boston University of Public Health and Harvard Medical School and they state that in the […]