Spike In Japan Coronavirus Cases In 24 Hours

Spike in Japan Coronavirus cases in 24 hours.

By 10:30 p.m., July 16, 2020, there were 622 New Coronavirus cases, reported by Japan, in 24 hours. This was a record high of the daily number of Coronavirus cases seen in Japan, since the time the state of emergency had been lifted in Japan, in late May 2020.

On Friday, 293 Coronavirus disease cases were reported in Tokyo, in 24 hours. This was an all time single day record for Tokyo, the previous record being that of 286 cases, on Thursday.

Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo said:

“People might be astonished. But (the growing numbers) will serve as a warning.”

Tokyo is the place in Japan, that has been hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic and accounts for almost 1/3rd of the COVID-19 cases in Japan. Because of the new spike in cases in Tokyo, it is now on the highest Coronavirus pandemic alert level of four.

Yuriko Koike added:

“The experts just told us that the situation of infections is at the fourth level of the four-level system, which means ‘the infections seem to be spreading. We are in a situation where we should issue warnings to citizens and businesses.”

There are also reports that at two American military bases in Okinawa, a large number of American Marines have been infected with the Coronavirus disease. There are fears that this could be a huge Coronavirus outbreak.

Taro Kono, Japanese Defense Minister said:

“It is an extremely serious situation. I asked the US side to strictly punish them and to take a serious action to prevent recurrence in the future.”

Ramy Inocencio Tweets:

“The biggest coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. military in Asia is growing. At least 99 cases now confirmed on 5 U.S. bases in Okinawa, Japan. Local reports say July 4th celebrations – on and off base – may be partly to blame.”

Japan has around 23,000 cases and about 990 deaths, because of Coronavirus.

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