Spain Coronavirus Lockdown Extended Till June 21

Spain Coronavirus lockdown extended till June 21.

Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, announced that Spain needed to be in 15 more days of lockdown, up to June 21, – “to finish with the pandemic once and for all”. He further said that he would ask parliament to give approval of a final two-week extension.

Pedro Sanchez said in a press conference:

“We have almost set out what we set out to do.”

The Prime Minister of Spain also said that he was very relieved that the number of new Coronavirus cases in Spain, had fallen.

Spain was one of the countries that was the most badly hit by the Novel Coronavirus and at the time of writing this, the number of cases was around 241,000 and the number of deaths was around 27,000, because of Coronavirus.

Spain’s national state of emergency would come to an end on June 21 and with it, the lockdown in Spain would also come to an end. With this, people in Spain would be thus able to move about freely in the regions in which they reside in.

And from July 1, the people of Spain would be able to travel anywhere in the country.

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