South African Infrastructure Being Destroyed?

South African infrastructure being destroyed?

According to reports coming in, the infrastructure of South Africa is being destroyed.

Herman Mashaba Former Mayor of Johannesburg, Hammanskraal-born Entrepreneur and Black Like Me Founder, says about South African infrastructure:

”Our country’s infrastructure is being destroyed under the watch of a Democratically elected government. Why is this allowed to happen?

How are people reacting to what has been said by Herman Mashaba about South African infrastructure?

Mbalula Fikile, Minister of Transport says:

“It can’t be allowed, I agree with you  Hundred points symbol Am Fixing it Ntate Mashaba.”

Dr. Mitch:

“But Minister, in all the ministry positions you have held before, nothing never worked out, in sport and recreation was even worse. You have failed in all the positions except when you’re campaigning for ANC.”

Mrs K:

“The strategy has always been to allow for the infrastructure to be destroyed in order for their friends and families to benefit from tenders GIVEN to them. In the ANC, a shabby job or no services at all are always rewarded.”


“Done n dusted infact everyone who put my fellow poor unemployed mzansi peoples last is my enemy including eff n their zombies combine their useless,dont tell me about Zimbabweans life matters what about poor mzansi people who are jobless,homeless?thier life,s is not?”


“I saw this with my own naked eyes I’m still in disbelief, so where is SAPS? ANC is disgusting. If they vote this party again South Africa is going down the drain a bit by bit.”


“Our infrastructure is at an absolute dismal state and our dear Minister is doing nothing about it. This is our government, not proactive at all. They wait until it all falls apart then act surprised.”


“I propose closure of all privately owned scrapyards. Government should take over. That will be the only way to safeguard our infrastructure.”


“So the same corrupt government must take over privately owned scrapyards ?” So, is there any truth to what Herman Mashaba says about South African infrastructure?

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