Sophia Thomalla Has A New Lockdown Look

Sophia Thomalla has a new lockdown look.

Sophia provokes more often with her posts and outfits on Instagram. Not once did it cause a sensation and a wild commentary chaos. You’d think the actress could have almost gotten used to it.

But in one of her last postings, Sophia went one better in terms of styling. The 31-year-old shows herself with pink hair on Instagram.

Sophia Thomalla works not only as an actress, but also as a model. Exercise and a healthy diet are therefore part of her daily routine. But as soon as Sophia posts a bikini photo or shows herself in a sexy look, the hate comments start. Sophia has not yet commented on this in the comments.

Sophia is shooting in Cologne for Luke! Die Greatnightshow, a TV show. With leather pants, a tight black top and slightly pink-dyed hair, she presents her “lockdown lock”, as she describes it in the caption, on Instagram.

Her followers like the look and celebrate her extraordinary style and some of the comments are:

“Very cool! The pink hair looks good on you! ”

“I love your style and your new hairstyle! It’s cool that you dare! And I think it’s great how you are, when you’re happy, that’s all that counts!

It does not matter what people say Sophia Thomalla has a new lockdown look!

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