Sonya Evdokimenko Has A New Love

Sonya Evdokimenko has a new love.

Recently, Sonya broke up with Frenchman Marco Dumenil, but she was not alone for long. On social networks, the girl has already introduced a new love.

19-year-old Sonia Evdokimenko published a video in which she hugs a man against the backdrop of an autumn landscape. The couple is now in New York – there the star heiress works as a model. She has not yet disclosed the name and occupation of her new love.

Earlier, Sonya met with a Frenchman named Marco Dumenil. In the summer, the girl admitted that she had broken off relations with him. According to rumors, the ex-lovers were even going to go to the registry office, but it never came to the wedding.

According to the star heiress, now she is completely focused on her career. In addition to the modeling business, Evdokimenko is engaged in music. As Sonia Evdokimenko emphasized, her relatives support her in everything.

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