So Who’s Burning Bibles In Portland?

So who’s burning Bibles in Portland?

It hardly seems likely that true Christians would burn their Holy Book!

So, just who is it that is burning Holy Bibles in Portland, USA?

Let’s see what people are saying about Portland Bibles burning…


“You don’t live in Portland and have no clue to the scale and scope of what occured. The Bible burning was done by a few shitbags, in the dark of the morning, well after the vast majority of good folks protesting went home. You rely too much on “news” that you want to believe.”


“Well if you want to know why they burned Bibles…. The Doctrine of Discovery  basically said that non-Christians had no right to their lands, therefore allow the colonization of the new world. They act like we never progressed since that time using it instead as a weapon.”

Dr. Vincent:

“First, the rioters burned down buildings in Portland and now there’s been burning of Bible’s. What’s next, or as another has asked who’s next? What’s going on is evidence of the Spirit of this age and the Prince of the Air, the evil one, the devil.”


“Boomer liberals in my mentions are saying Vladimir Putin paid me to film a bible burning in Berlin to make Antifa look bad in Portland.”


“Seriously? An video of antifa burning flags and the bible in portland is russian propaganda? Ll the videos of they assaulting the police station is propaganda? Is this russian propaganda too? You are crazy”


“I don’t think a problem for Christianity is some leftists burning the Bible in Portland. The problem is the disease of conservatism that’s ruining the church, that’s taking us far away from the message of the Beatitudues. We’ve been through worse persecution than a bible burning”


“So the libs support the Bible burning party but they disclaim doing the deed when they find out how bad the fascist optics are.  These people are stupid.”


“All of my “Christian” friends who post on social media that shutting down churches is about keeping people safe from COVID 19 need to take a look at the Bible-burning happening in Portland. This is not preventative maintenance; it’s an attack on your freedoms and ideology.”

So who’s burning Bibles in Portland?

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