So Should The World Ban China And Chinese Goods?

So should the world ban China and Chinese goods?

China is not just responsible for releasing the deadly COVID-19 pandemic on the world – which resulted in lacs of people dying and millions being infected – China has also released TikTok – which is nothing but Chinese spyware – and Huawei phones that spy on people!

Peter Navarro (Assistant to the US President for Trade & Manufacturing Policy, says:

“China aps can send personal info/data back to servers owned or controlled by Chinese Communist Party/China military. HUGE personal risk/national security threat.”

Should the world ban China and Chinese goods?

Rick Scott (Florid Senator) says:

“Today, the US Senate sent a powerful message to companies like tiktok, under the control of Communist China, that are obligated to spy, steal & censor any content the CCP wishes. I’m glad the Senate passed my bill with HawleyMO to ban this app on gov’t devices.”


“Huawei is a big security risk. Personally convinced many countries against it says DonaldTrump. No special economic & trade privileges for Hong Kong anymore. Trump signs executive order & no sale of sensitive technology to China. (US has accused Huawei of spying for China).”

M.K. Holberg:

“Spreading fear and encroaching freedom around the world is what CCP is doing now.”


“Taiwan is different country than china, China is occupying Taiwan china should be banned and sanctioned for doing this…”


“The HongKongers extremely hope the free world can sanctions Hong Kong police. Hong Kong government condones the police. HongKongers  have endured it for a long time.”


“Time for sanctions from international community,  there will never have justice under CCP”


“3/Hongkongers hate CCP! However the mostly hated are those pro-Beijing legislators, judges, Government officials and businessmen! They are Hongkongers and received education in HK or abroad and have similar backgrounds and culture! They betray Hongkongers for money! Magnitsky now”


“Denunciation, a trait of authoritarianism. CCP refers herself to Stalin. Stalin ignited the Holodomor, killed millions of people, predominantly in Ukraine. Now the cruel, inhumane side of CCP becomes visible. Didn’t they promise harmony to the world?”

Tom Cotton (Arkansas Senator):

“The UK government’s decision is a step in the right direction, imposing limits on further Chinese spying on British communications. I urge London to remove completely the risk that Huawei 5G equipment poses to the privacy and security of its people.”

So should the world ban China and Chinese goods?

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