Sjenica Coronavirus Apocalypse Predicted!

Sjenica Coronavirus apocalypse predicted!

Dr. Mersada Hadzifejzovic, sent a letter to the health centre in Sjenica to the head of the internal medicine department. In this letter, the doctor requested the health minister of Serbia to immediately send help for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Mersada Hadzifejzovic Tweeted the letter, which stated:

“If you do not react and send professional medical assistance quickly, there will be an apocalypse in Sjenica … HELP, PLEASE!!”

Due to a spike in the number of cases in Serbia, people have been gathering and protesting against the new curfews that are being imposed in the country, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There are clashes because of this and police have fired tear gas, so as to be able to disperse the protesters. The protesters retaliated by throwing flares, stones, bottles and whatever else they could manage to lay their hands on.

Alexander Vucic, President of Serbia said the protestors were a mix of bullies and tycoons:

 “Who want to take over power.”

Alexander Vucic, President of Serbia, stated:

“It is so irresponsible to call upon people to gather and demonstrate when we are faced with the most horrific numbers of infections from the Coronavirus. I beg people, please let’s keep our health safe. Nobody is going to take power by force. Power is taken at the elections. You can protest as much as you want when the epidemic is over.”

Protestors carried banners which read:

“Vucic is more dangerous than Covid!”

The worst day of the Novel Coronavirus in Serbia, was on Tuesday, when 4,000 people were treated in hospitals on this day, 120 people were put on ventilators, 357 New Coronavirus were confirmed and 13 people died.

Sjenica is a place that is situated in southwestern Serbia, in the Zlatibor District. There are around 17,800 cases and almost 400 people are dead in Serbia, because of Coronavirus.

Alexander Vucic, President of Serbia

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