Should China Be Held Accountable For Coronavirus?

Should China be held accountable for Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic began its death taking journey, in late December 2019, (Or much before that??), in Wuhan, China. Since then, a number of countries and people have been asking if China should be held accountable for Coronavirus for the death and destruction that the killer virus has caused globally – because of their cover-up of the killer Novel Coronavirus.

Blair Murray Tweets:

“I agree with you Sen Lindsey Graham and Trump”

Yer Wan Tweets:

“Do I believe Trump should be held responsible for the lost 70 Days Deadly Delay. Absolutely”

Will Tweets:

“First of all COVID is break in China ,but we don’t know the origin,By your logic .Spanish Aids and H1N1 are all spread to the world from America, please give the justice first.”

Siona Rainbow Tweets:

“Quit your racist nonsense and your conspiracy theories. None of your ‘evidence’ holds up and is easily discredited. If you want to help, go and help in your local area doing something practical for real people instead. There are plenty who need it.”

Yasaman Rose Tweets:

“100% agree They made this Coronavirus and put world in danger But don’t forget that Islamic republic regime in Iran spread that virus to the world. They are assistant of China. Both of them must be punished.”

Janet Tweets:

“Comparing with Trump, China should hold more responsibility. China is the origin of the coronavirus and hid the information of it.”

Lisa Ann Tweets:

“I believe that trump is responsible for not taking this seriously when he heard about it in NOVEMBER. But he’s too lazy to be bothered. Interferes with his golf. So yes directly responsible for what’s happening now. And the massive recession that’s coming is on him.”

Across the globe, there are over 14 million cases and almost 600,000 people are dead, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Debbie Tweets:

“I believe China AND Trump need to held responsible”

So, back to the BIG question… Should China be held accountable for Coronavirus?

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