Sherlock On The Plain Coming Soon

Sherlock on the Plain coming soon!

The comedy film Sherlock on the Plain was written by a new director, but it was praised by Wu Jing, Yao Chen, Guo Fan, Wen Muye, etc., and today also received Andy Lau’s video blessings. The director Xu Lei revealed that his father was cast as the male number one, because of insufficient money and even his mother participated in the movie. But he believes that non-professional actors, including his parents, are helpful to the film.

Sherlock on the Plain tells a very humorous story. Chaoying flips a new house and Zhanyi and Shuhe come to help. Unexpectedly, Shuhe, as a result of a car accident, has to be admitted to the hospital. The driver escapes and Zhanyi and Chaoying are now incarnations. The detective of the plains embarks on a ridiculous and absurd journey to pursue murder.

The film is directed by the new director Xu Lei, who was previously awarded the “Best Film Text” award at the 13th First Youth Film Festival. At the premiere, Xu Lei sighed that this independent production could make it to the theaters and that producer Rao Xiaozhi contributed a lot.

Rao Xiaozhi, who was filming in Shanghai, told the story through the video and the origin of the film. He said that after seeing Sherlock on the Plain at the Beijing Film Festival at the beginning of the year, he liked it very much and was willing to help Xu Lei.

Andy Lau, who filmed Rao Xiaozhi’s new film “The Crowd”, also made a special appearance, saying that fans would support this “all amateur” movie, Sherlock on the Plain.

The simple and innocent performance of amateur actors is one of the highlights of the film that has been well received by audiences during its roadshows in various places. Three “Uncle Detectives” Xu Chaoying, Zhang Zhanyi and Su Shuhe, also shared their feelings on the scene. All three said that they had never had any acting experience and were very nervous before filming.

As for which scene was the hardest to shoot, Zhang Zhanyi laughed and said that there was a scene of “eating donkey head”, but it was not good and Su Shuhe “spat out”:

Xu Chaoying said that the scene of lighting Shuhe cigarettes in the hospital was so simple that it was shot for almost two nights. She lamented that filming was really not easy. Xu Lei said he wanted to make a movie that reflects the feelings of the rural people. He said:

“I am very supportive. But I am really worried about making me the number one male. There is no way I can only support him.”

The host heard the secret from Xu Chaoying’s words and asked Xu Lei about the relationship between the two. Xu Lei smiled and replied: “This is my dad. It doesn’t cost much to find him as the male number one.”

In fact, due to the shortage of funds during the preparatory stage, Xu Lei could not find a suitable actor, so he decided to let his dad come, on the advice of his mother. And later arranged a role for his mother. He bluntly said that this story was brewed when he went home to observe the life of the people in his hometown.

Xu Lei also said that Sherlock on the Plain was originally called “Dust Flying”. It was changed to the current name, considering that it was a bit abstract, which is more in line with the film’s comedy temperament.

He said that amateur actors, including his dad, brought a different feeling to the film. “We didn’t have a script at the scene, that is, to talk about the situation, but they can understand these things happen in rural areas, not my logic design, which is in their long life stuff. “

The movie Sherlock on the Plain will be released on November 29.

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