Russian Streamer Valentina Killed By Boy Friend LIVE

Russian streamer Valentina was killed by her boy friend – LIVE!

Her boyfriend, an internet star himself, killed the pregnant Valentina LIVE – and was arrested by police – LIVE! Stanislav Reshetnikov is said to have locked out his girlfriend, only in underwear, in freezing temperatures, until she finally froze to death. And that too in the livestream!

The pregnant and alcoholic Russian streamer Valentina, died while streaming live with her boyfriend. Valentina, was live with her boyfriend, ReeFlay and a friend of theirs. It appeared that all 3 had taken alcohol.

The YouTuber Stanislav Reshetnikov (aka. ReeFlay) is a star in Russia. In his videos, he mainly shows himself and a few friends hanging out at home. His girlfriend is also often there – Valentina Grigoryeva.

In the live stream, the couple begins to argue and fight. Valentina even threatens Reeflay with a knife. But then the young woman falls out of the camera’s field of vision. Her boyfriend joins her, but we do not see what is happening. You just hear screams and chaos.

Minutes later, her boyfriend ReeFlay got paid by a person, $1,000 for a bet. His viewers reportedly loved the spectacle so much, that they paid to keep the stream running. A viewer reportedly paid €900 to keep locking out his early pregnancy girlfriend.

ReeFlay then allegedly locked Valentina in her underwear on the balcony. And that’s where it all went wrong!

Russian streamer Valentina is said to have begged him to let her inside again, but he persisted until she died. Valentina was later found lying on the sofa. Reeflay then worried about his girlfriend’s condition.

ReeFlay called for help and they came and declared her dead. The young woman was pregnant. Authorities demanded that the video be stopped. Valentina is said to have died of hypothermia.

Stanislav Reshetnikov was arrested by the Russian police. They are said to have quickly proven that Valentina Grigoryeva had a baby in her womb and that both of them died of hypothermia on the balcony. Because of this horrific act, YouTuber ReeFlay has been put behind bars for two years. 

At no time did ReeFlay think of turning off the live broadcast of himself and his girl friend Russian streamer Valentina, which initially suggested that it was a staging. But it wasn’t!

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