Reproduction Rate Of Coronavirus On The Rise?

Reproduction rate of Coronavirus on the rise?

According to new estimates done on the reproduction rate of the Novel Coronavirus, it is believed that the reproduction rate of the virus has now risen by about 1 or more than 1, in countries like Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain and France.

So, if the reproduction rate of the killer Coronavirus is on the rise by about 1 or more than 1, this means that on an average, every one person who is infected, will spread the deadly COVID-19 to more than one person.

Tiago says:

“You can’t use Europe to fit whatever narrative. Yes, people use masks in EU. But there isn’t a push for ”any social” crappy masks that the Us is obsessed with. In fact, most countries if you arrive to a medical building or even groceries with a non-surgical mask they give you one.”

There has been a big spike in the number of Coronavirus disease infections in Belgium. This has led to the Belgium government, enforcing stricter measures with regards to social-distancing – inclusive of limiting interactions which are face to face.

Ger says:

“Taiwan has 25 million people. If they social distance they be standing in the ocean. They don’t wear a mask and they don’t social distance. Heard immunity. Heard immunity everyone gets stronger. And guess what only seven people died from the flu. The flu!”

Lockdowns are being imposed in Italy, UK and Germany, in attempts to curb the further spread of the virus.

In Spain, there are now more than 2,000 new cases being seen daily, with spikes being seen in Catalonia and Aragon.

Though public transport and many offices are closed in Europe, the streets of Europe are as good as flooded with drinkers, diners and shoppers – amongst others.

Mobility data shows that human traffic is as good as what it was, in pre-virus levels in Lombardy (Italy), Madrid and Paris.

Because of the recent spikes being seen in Europe, in some places, curfews are being imposed on bars and nightclubs are being shut down.

All across Europe, the number of New Coronavirus cases is on the rise, after lockdown measures were lifted. Perhaps, all of Europe might now be seeing a second wave of the deadly Novel Coronavirus.

There are now over 18 million cases and about 689,000 people are dead all over the world, because of the killer Coronavirus.

Kathy says:

“Herd immunity would lead to a total collapse of the health system and destroy their country. Also this is not like a flu virus as you may not have immunity long after getting it so are likely to get again.”

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