Record Number Of Illegal Downloads For Wonder Woman 1984

Record number of illegal downloads for Wonder Woman 1984.

According to the experts at Torrent Freak, it took only minutes after the film was published on the streaming service, for the first illegal downloads to be available in good quality on the relevant sites.

In America, Wonder Woman 1984 was released on streaming service, as well as in cinemas and this resulted in a large number of illegal downloads. The first figures now show how massive these are.

According to surveys, 9.18 percent of all illegal downloads from the “Film and TV” category on the day it was published, were for Wonder Woman 1984. How extraordinary this number is, are seen from several comparisons with Torrent Freak – among other things, with “Avengers: Endgame”, the most successful film of all time. When illegal copies of the Marvel blockbuster appeared in good quality, it accounted for “only” 5.63 percent of the downloads.

There is currently no comment from Warner on the many illegal downloads of Wonder Woman 1984. As is well known, every Warner film is to appear in parallel in the cinema and on HBO Max in 2021 (where they can only be viewed for one month). So there will continue to be illegal downloads of the same quality, quickly.

As part of the US streaming start of Wonder Woman 1984., a so-called watch party was held, in which the film was started together and they talked about it at the same time – and of course there were comments on really every scene, which was also available to inexperienced users in the world.

Even the experts at Torrent Freak, which specializes in monitoring and reporting on illegal downloads, are surprised about the record number of illegal downloads for Wonder Woman 1984.

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