Queen Letizia Niece Confesses To Her Followers That She Is Bisexual

Queen Letizia niece confesses to her followers that she is bisexual.

Carla Vigo, niece of the Queen of Spain, publicly confessed to her Instagram followers that she is bisexual, after using her account to play “true and false” with her followers.

Carla Vigo is the daughter of Érika Ortiz, the late sister of Queen Letizia, along with the sculptor Antonio Vigo.

One of her fans asked her if she was heterosexual. To which she answered openly and without qualms that she is bi and accompanied it with the flag used by the LGBT community.

The young woman has always declared herself a faithful defender of this community, even when she turned 18 she gave her first interview on a television program, where she spoke in depth on this issue.

That is why she is considered the most rebellious relative of the Queen of Spain and even so she surprised her followers with the confession, especially because of the character of Queen Letizia, who has a particular way of raising her daughters and on countless occasions the strict rules that reflect the temperament of the monarch were unveiled.

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