Putin’s Resignation Demanded Amidst Coronavirus

Putin’s resignation demanded amidst Coronavirus!

Anton Troianovski Tweets:

“This was sparked by the arrest of a popular governor, Sergei Furgal. Khabarovites widely saw it as Putin’s move to get rid of an insufficiently loyal official. Many thousands are in the streets of Khabarovsk, 4,000 miles east of Moscow, for the 3rd Saturday straight in the biggest protests Russia’s regions have seen in many years. It took 14 minutes for the march to pass by me here”

In the Russian city of Khabarovsk, since the past couple of weeks, thousands of Russians have been protesting.

Nikolai Petrov, expert on Russia’s regions, says:

“The people in Khabarovsk are showing that it’s possible to protest and that the Kremlin can’t do anything to them…”

The protests here are because since July 11, 2020, the people of Khabarovsk have demanded the release of Sergei Furgal, former regional governor. Sergei Furgal was arrested a couple of days earlier, by masked federal agents. The charges levied against Sergei Furgal are that of having organized contract killings 15 years ago.

Sergei Furgal is now in a prison in Moscow, in pretrial detention. He claims he is innocent.

The people of Khabarovsk are demanding that he be released and face the charges that are against him, in his hometown.

On Monday, Sergei Furgal was officially fired by Putin. Putin then appointed Mikhail Degtyaryov, a Samara city national legislator, who is relatively unknown, as acting governor.

In a videoconference Putin said to Mikhail Degtyaryov…

“I wish you good luck, I’ll see you later.”

Mikhail Degtyaryov then boarded a plane and made an almost 8 hour flight, all the way from Moscow to Khabarovsk.

On Mikhail Degtyaryov’s very first night in town, he was met with chants of protests:

“Degtyaryov, go away!”

Alexei Navalny, opposition leader stated:

“Putin personally — and Putin’s stooges who run the Far East — hate Khabarovsk region and its inhabitants because time and again, they lose elections there.”

Around 13,300 people are dead and there are about 813,000 cases in Russia, because of Coronavirus.

Irina Lukasheva, 56, says:

“There will be a revolution. What did our grandfathers fight for? Not for poverty or for the oligarchs sitting over there in the Kremlin.”

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