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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle latest news

Meghan Markle, 39 and Prince Harry, 36, once again went live from their Santa Barbara home. In a rare joint interview, the couple once again raised the topic of racism.

What’s The Latest On Prince Harry And His Wife?

Megan spoke out in favor of Black Lives Matter, a social movement that opposes discrimination and violence against blacks. In a conversation on Meghan Markle news today, the Duke of Sussex admitted that he did not take the problem of infringement of blacks so close to his heart, until he met his future wife.

The Prince Harry, Meghan Markle latest news is that it was his beloved who opened Harry’s eyes to the injustice that people of a different race have been facing all their lives. We white people are not always aware of what it is like for people with a different skin color in a world that was created by whites and for whites.

I didn’t know about so many problems in the UK and around the world. When you walk into a toy store with your child, you do not even have the thought: Strange, why are there no dark-skinned dolls here?

I think now is a unique moment for this, both in British culture and around the world. We must not miss it, because no one has been able to do this before us.

The latest on Harry and Meghan, is that Megan, in turn, spoke about the benefits of protests like Black Lives Matter, but clarified that it was about peaceful protests: Black Lives Matter has been inflammatory for a lot of people, but when people express their opinions in a purely peaceful way and just want equality, that’s great.

In a new joint interview, the Prince Harry, Meghan Markle latest news is that the couple not only discussed racial issues, but also shared the news about their one-year-old son Archie. Archie is doing well. We were very lucky with the baby.  Megan said about their growing son.

After stepping down from royalty, the Dukes settled in the United States, where they recently bought a house in the Santa Barbara area. Breaking news Harry and Meghan today is that they recently signed up with Netflix and are now planning to start working in the television industry.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced plans to relinquish their royal status, the couple made it clear that they also want complete financial independence. And now, just five months after their move, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have paid the full £ 2.4 million ($ 3.1 million) spent on rebuilding the Frogmore Cottage mansion – that money was taken from the state budget, which caused a scandal.

The Prince Harry, Meghan Markle latest news is that Buckingham Palace also confirmed that this amount has recently been fully refunded through a so-called Sovereign Grant (funds that the UK government allocates to support the royal family). At the same time, Harry and Megan paid from their own pockets for the installation of new water pipes and taps and also bought household appliances themselves.

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