President Of Burundi Dies Of Suspected Coronavirus

President of Burundi dies of suspected Coronavirus.

It has been reported that the President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, died of an illness, which has been suspected to be Novel Coronavirus.

The government of Burundi, attributed the sudden and unexpected death of the President, as a “heart attack”. Pierre Nkurunziza, a former footballer, was 55 years old and it was not at all certain as to how he passed away.

According to a statement by the government of Burundi, on Saturday, the President attended a game of volleyball. He fell ill that night and was admitted in a hospital.

The health of the President improved on Sunday. According to a statement by the government of Burundi:

“Surprisingly, on morning of Monday June 8, 2020, his health suddenly deteriorated and he had a heart attack”.

The people of Burundi were asked to stay calm. Seven days of mourning were announced in Burundi.

Burundi is a small country in Africa. Pierre Nkurunziza had refused to impose New Coronavirus restrictions on the country. Pierre Nkurunziza allowed mass political rallies and sporting events to continue.

There is a reason why it is thought that Pierre Nkurunziza died of Novel Coronavirus. And this is because, there are reports, though unconfirmed, that 10 days ago his wife contracted Coronavirus and she was flown to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus cases in Africa has passed 200,000.

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