PM Yoshihide Suga New Leader Of Japan

PM Yoshihide Suga new leader of Japan!

Yoshihide Suga has been elected by Japan’s parliament, as the new prime minister of Japan, replacing longtime leader Shinzo Abe. Yoshihide Suga was the right hand of ex PM Shinzo Abe.

Keeping his straight face straight, as he usually did, PM Yoshihide Suga bowed deeply many times, as the results were announced, as his ruling party legislators applauded in the lower house of Parliament, the strongest of those two chambers where he had a seat. He was also confirmed by the upper house.

Suga, a former chief Cabinet secretary and senior government spokesman under Shinzo Abe, elected a new mix of Cabinet, which included fresh faces, as well as current and former ministers. They will hold their first meeting later on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

PM Yoshihide Suga emphasized his background as the son of a farmer and a self-made politician, by promising to serve the interests of rural communities and ordinary people. He said he would follow Abe’s unfinished business and that his priorities would be to fight COVID-19 and transform the economy affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Abe stated, he would support Suga’s government and thanked the people of Japan for their understanding and support of Suga.

PM Yoshihide Suga, 71, praised Abe’s economic policies and his diplomacy and when asked what he would like to achieve, he said he would build a new government agency that would accelerate the digital transformation.

He said he would overthrow vested interests and laws that hampered change. In the shuffling of key positions with the team, Suga evenly distributed senior positions to major factions, an act seen as a return of favor of their support in the leadership race.

Compared to the political ability that Suga has at home, he has rarely traveled overseas and his diplomatic skills are as good as unknown. Largely, it is expected that he will follow the priorities of Shinzo Abe.

The new Prime Minister will inherit a number of challenges, including relations with China, which continues its strong efforts to gain power over East China Sea. And PM Yoshihide Suga will also have to establish a good relationship with anyone who wins the U.S. presidential race.

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