Pham Huong Celebrates Son’s Birthday Party With Criticism

Pham Huong celebrates son’s birthday party with criticism.

Recently, the birthday party of her son was organized by Pham on December 24. She excitedly showed off on her personal page, a series of pictures of her son’s room being decorated for his birthday.

Although she no longer participates in showbiz, all the movements of Pham Huong are of great interest to people. Especially baby Max – her son, always receives many compliments for being very smart and agile.

Through the birthday photos, it can be seen how Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 gave a lot of thought to this party. Every detail from cream flowers, cakes, party utensils and balloons, were meticulously prepared. The overall party place looks splendid and luxurious.

However, there was a detail that accidentally caused Pham Huong to fall into a great deal controversy. It was the birthday decorations for her son – all were entirely in pink. From the wall, cake, balloons, to baby’s vest, all were of the color pink.

Many people, after viewing the photo, expressed their disapproval, saying that Max is a boy and that his mother wore pink. Some people even criticized Pham Huong for not being delicate in sex education and child rearing. Because according to the opinion of many people: pink is the color for girls, while blue, gray… are for boys.

And so, Pham Huong celebrated her son’s birthday party amidst a great deal of criticism!

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