Peru Goes Ahead Of Coronavirus Infections In Italy

Peru goes ahead of Coronavirus infections in Italy.

Peru surged ahead of Italy with regards to the number of New Coronavirus cases. Peru has also now recorded more than 7,200 deaths.

There are now more than 240,900 Coronavirus cases recorded in Peru. As such, after Brazil, it now has the second-highest number of confirmed Novel Coronavirus cases in Latin America. Peru now also happens to have the seventh-highest number of New Coronavirus cases in the globe.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), recently said that the ‘new epicentre’ for the Coronavirus cases outbreak, is South America and the places to be the most badly hit here were Brazil, Peru and Chile.

According to reports, the hundreds of people who have died because of Novel Coronavirus in Peru, did not get any medical aid and there are many who did not even have money to afford the treatment for Coronavirus.

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