People In UK Unwilling To Take Coronavirus Vaccine

People in UK unwilling to take Coronavirus vaccine!

110 Coronavirus deaths in UK in 24 hours!

But, the figures of the number of cases and deaths in the United Kingdom, due to the Coronavirus catastrophe, continue to show a decline. Fact is, data shows that thrice as many people are now dying of pneumonia and flu in the UK, than they are to Coronavirus.

Yet, as the number of Novel Coronavirus cases and deaths is showing a decline in the UK, the new cases bring fears that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, could once again be rising.

The UK taskforce has warned that Coronavirus restrictions will remain, in the event that large numbers of people in the UK refuse to take a Coronavirus vaccine.

Fears are being voiced in the UK, that millions of people may refuse to be vaccinated for the New Coronavirus.

Chair of the government’s vaccine taskforce, Kate Bingham, stated:

“Vaccination has been an incredibly positive force for good in global society and they are not helping themselves or others by pushing an anti-vax message.”

Why are people in the UK not willing to take the Coronavirus vaccine, if and when it does come out?

Dave says:

“Interesting articles saying large amounts of people wont have it even though previous anti vaccination claims had been proven FALSE!”

Gary says:

“They say the vaccines are “for our protection”, yet nobody asks to be protected unless they are afraid, vaccination be it compulsory or not by force it is rape collaborating with it is deadly.”

Centaur_UK Tweets:

“I’ll stay under lockdown then, because I’m not having the vaccine! When people start to suffer debilitating side effects from the vaccine (or worse case scenario the vaccine kills people) then the tide will turn against the vaccine pushers.”

Kate Bingham added:

“If large numbers refuse to have it, I think yes there is an issue.”

In the United Kingdom, there are now around 296,000 cases and around 46,000 people are dead, because of Coronavirus.

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