Paralyzed Jacob Blake Handcuffed To Hospital Bed!

Paralyzed Jacob Blake handcuffed to hospital bed!

If you still do not know who Jacob Blake is, then he is the 29-year-old black man from Wisconsin, America, who was shot 7 times by the police, in his back.

The shocking news here, as is being reported by his family, is that Jacob Blake handcuffed to a bed in the hospital!

Mr. Blake’s father, also called Jacob Blake, said:

“I hate it that he was laying in that bed with the handcuff on to the bed. He can’t go anywhere. Why do you have him cuffed to the bed?”

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Departments, Lt Eric Klinkhammer, said:

“Mr Blake is in custody for previous felony warrants. Our policy indicates that all people in custody outside of our jail facility shall be secured with restraints.”

Asked if he was concerned about Jacob Blake handcuffed to a bed in the hospital, Tony Evers, Wisconsin Governor, said:

“Hell yes. I would have no personal understanding why that would be necessary. Certainly he’s paid a horrific price already, been shot seven or eight times in the back. I would hope that we would be able to find a more, a better way to help him … in recovering. That seems counterintuitive. It seems to be bad medicine.”

Jacob Blake, was shot in the back on Sunday, 7 times, by a Kenosha police officer, when they were trying to detain him. He is now being treated at the Froedtert Hospital.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said:

“Last night was very peaceful. Tuesday night — not quite so peaceful, but it wasn’t too bad. Monday night was our big night. Hopefully, we’re over that hump of what we have to face.”

Justin Blake, uncle of Jacob Blake said:

“This is an insult to injury. He is paralyzed and can’t walk and they have him cuffed to the bed. Why?”

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