Over 900,000 COVID-19 Pandemic Deaths

Over 900,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths! And more than 28,000,000 Novel Coronavirus cases – all over the world.

The country which has been hit worst by the Coronavirus disease, is America. America has almost 200,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths and almost 6.4 million cases, because of COVID-19.

Here is what Americans have to say about the COVID-19 pandemic deaths…

Kayleigh: This is wrong — and not just by a little. Biden overstated the number of military Covid deaths by 6,107 & infections by nearly 79,000. There have been 7 deaths in the military due to Covid-19…

Mike: Notice how every time Biden lies (even the big ones that cost him his 80s run) his handlers always just dismiss it as “he misspoke” or “misremembered.” How many lies before they call him out for the intent that is obvious to so many?

Doug: My friend died of covid in late March. He’d be alive if Trump’s pandemic response wasn’t criminally negligent.

Padua: Responsibility of US leadership for COV dead? U’ll find that well over 3/4 are attributable to a handful of democrat governors- long before you can claim they are the fault of the pres – sorry .it’s how federalism works . Same for the last 100 days of violence/riots/killings.

Justin: In new tapes, President Trump admits to Bob Woodward he concealed critical details he knew about the coronavirus. “I wanted to always play it down.”

Daho: Fauci not POTUS. When does Trump accept responsibility? We already know: NEVER

Salim: SHAMELESS!! He mismanaged, created confusion, took away resources, cut funding for WHO, blamed local leadership, did not wear mask in fact made fun of it, called it a hoax, did not make a national strategy, held rallies, called for “freeing” states who tried to put restrictions..

Gina: Anyone who lost a loved one should sue him civilly for manslaughter due to deceitful tactics used to keep us in the dark. Well so much for the transparency President. Another lie!

Will the world ever see an end of the COVID-19 pandemic deaths?

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