Now You Can Dine With Baywatch Star David Hasselhoff

Now you can dine with Baywatch Star David Hasselhoff!

Actor David Hasselhoff is offering his own model of the miracle car KITT from the TV series “Knight Rider”, at an auction. In addition to the cult car, the “Live Auctioneers” website also features a huge figure, worn swimming trunks from a “Spongebob” film and props from “Baywatch”.

And, for more than $ 8,500, you can even eat out with Baywatch Star David Hasselhoff!.

In a video on Twitter, the 68-year-old opened the auction last weekend and wished the fans luck with their bidding. The auction platform expects the KITT car to cost between 175,000 and 300,000 US dollars.

If it is more than 25 percent above the desired result, according to the platform, Hasselhoff will personally deliver the car to the new owner.

Baywatch Star David Hasselhoff became known as the leading actor in the series “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” and as a singer (“Looking for Freedom”).

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