Now Just Who Is James The Golden State Killer?

Now just who is James The Golden State Killer?

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr, AKA the Golden State killer, will be in jail until he dies. A Sacramento court sentenced James The Golden State Killer to 11 life sentences. At age 74, Joseph James escaped the death penalty. He apologized to the victims for the first time two days ago, for everything he did.

The Golden State Killer DeAngelo was responsible for 13 murders and a minimum of 50 rapes between the years 1975 and 1986 (he admitted last year). Victims ranged in ages from 14 to 41. Most of the crimes of James The Golden State Killer took place near Sacramento, as well as in San Francisco Bay. He is married and divorced with three children.

The Golden State Killer, a veteran, fought in Vietnam and when he returned to America, he joined the police. For some time, he was thrown out of the force, as he stole a hammer. From there on, he started his murders. He entered the victim’s home at night and raped the women in front of his comrades.

James The Golden State Killer, a man who was once a California police officer, led a double life as the ‘Gold State Killer’. He was sentenced to life without parole, a case that was eventually resolved through genealogy websites.

The victims and families attacked by the Golden State Killer James, issued statements about heart and mental trauma suffered because of him.

Sacramento County, a few hours ago, released a video of who he really is. Without a wheel chair, one can see him in the cell, old and making strange movements with his hand and throwing his mask on the floor to clean the floor.

The police worked night and day, till they could finally frame the Golden State Killer DeAngelo. And then in the year 2018, thanks to DNA, they at last managed to nab James The Golden State Killer.

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