New Zealand Not Coronavirus Free Anymore

New Zealand not Coronavirus free anymore!

Last week, New Zealand announced that it had no new or active New Coronavirus cases and lifted all economic and social restrictions, except for border controls.

But on Tuesday, New Zealand’s 24-day run of no new Coronavirus infections, came to an end, when the country announced that it had 2 new COVID-19 cases, both of which were associated with recent travel from the United Kingdom.

These new Novel Coronavirus infections are a big blow to New Zealand. These two new Coronavirus infections were of women who were in their 30s and 40s. These women had gone to Wellington, to visit a parent who was dying. From the United Kingdom, on June 7, 2020, both these women landed in New Zealand, travelling via Doha and Brisbane. Both were in Auckland, in an isolation facility. Both women had been issued special permission to leave the facility and visit their dying parent. Both women are now self isolating.

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, had stated that in the future, the country may see new COVID-19 cases cropping up, as New Zealanders returned home and also as some others may be allowed in the country, under special conditions.

Jacinda Ardern has been very cautious about stating that New Zealand was New Coronavirus free, because the Coronavirus pandemic is raging all across the planet and it is very likely that in the not so distant future, new cases could come to New Zealand.

Thus so far, the number of cases recorded in New Zealand are 1,506 and the number of deaths are 22, due to Coronavirus.

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