New Zealand Has 5 Star Coronavirus Quarantine

New Zealand has 5 star Coronavirus quarantine.

I feel it is very fitting to write this article today, it being the Birthday of the Prime Minster of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern.

Yesterday, a friend called me from New Zealand and what she told me just shocked me. This is what she said about the Coronavirus quarantine measures being taken in New Zealand…

My friend told me that there was this elderly couple, New Zealanders, 70 years plus, who were stranded in Australia. They wanted to get back to New Zealand.

The government of New Zealand flew down a plane to Australia and flew them back to New Zealand. And then… well, the above was shocking enough – but what happened next, just blew the “Living Daylights” (Oh yes, that was a good 007 movie!) out of me…

This elderly couple, as soon as they touched down in New Zealand, they were immediately driven to one of the most posh hotels in New Zealand – and kept there in Coronavirus quarantine, for the required time period.

And listen to this…

All their needs were taken care of for them – at the cost of the government of New Zealand.

Antony John Coverley Tweets:

“Hands down the best performer in this shitstorm. Well done NZ you have a cracker there. She needs cloneing and sending out to certain less well led nations.”

Little wonder then that New Zealand has amongst the lowest cases and deaths in the world due to Coronavirus.

Dr Stephen Clarke Tweets:

“Happy Birthday to our Prime Minister … who turns 40 today… The last time New Zealand had a 40-year-old Prime Minister was Robert Stout in 1884!”

Barbra Streisand Tweets:

“We need more women in charge of public health. Jacinda Arden, the PM in New Zealand, which has had only 22 deaths, had NO new cases in that island nation in 83 days.”

Happy Birthday Jacinda Ardern!

We salute you!

Dr Mike Galsworthy Tweets:

“No masks. Shaking hands. Bustling crowds. Fully open economy. New Zealand earned this by locking down early & hard, pursuing a zero-covid strategy.”

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