Nearly 700 Coronavirus Deaths In America In 24 Hours

Nearly 700 Coronavirus deaths in America in 24 hours!

This is definitely a shock to the entire world, as in the past 24 hours, the United States of America has reported almost 691 Novel Coronavirus deaths and 31,905 new COVID-19 cases. The total number of cases is now 2.3 million and deaths is now 122,000 in America, as a result of Coronavirus.

In America, the place that has been hit the most by the Coronavirus pandemic, is New York. In New York, 25,000 people have died and there are 387,000 cases.  

New York is the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States of America and on June 8, 2020, New York reopened in a phased manner. To this effect, Governor Andrew Cuomo said:

“Phase one should bring about 4,000,000 employees back to work in New York City.

Remember that reopening does not mean we’re going back to the way things were. It is reopening to a new normal, it’s a safer normal.”

The first phase of the reopening of New York paved the way for the reopening of fishing, in-store pickup or drop-off, construction, forestry, wholesale supply chain, agriculture, manufacturing and retail for curbside pickup.

Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor said,

“We are excited to get to the point of a restart for New York City and when I talked to the people of this city this morning I told them that the indicators were moving absolutely in the right direction. We are driving back the disease every day, watching constantly for any indicators, any evidence that the disease might reassert, because we want to address that instantaneously. But we also recognize a strong restart means making sure that our businesses can come back effectively, can come back quickly. We’re talking about 200,000 to 400,000 New Yorkers who can, and will be going back to work in a matter of weeks. We have to make sure it goes well, and that means supporting the businesses, not only listening to them, but helping them in very real ways.”

Mayor de Blasio added:

“There’s not always a chance to help people all the time in terms of their transportation needs. I really want to push back on the notion that we can solve everything all the time. People are going to have to improvise, and I believe they will.”

Meanwhile, the New York City Council announced that they are going to introduce a legislation which will better the options for restaurants and bars to be able to serve food outdoors.

Corey Johnson, City Council Speaker Tweeted:

“Our restaurants need this. I’m confident that we can creatively use our street space to get them back up and running.”

Also, as of June 26, 2020, New York will allow graduations which will be socially distanced, outdoors, for a maximum number of 150 persons. This was announced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who said:

“That is when the schools start to graduate — the high schools — and it gives us a couple of weeks between now and then, God forbid the number changes. But, schools need to plan with the progress we have made so far. If we continue this trajectory, we will be able to do that. Again, we have a little time to see between now and then.”

The second place to be hit the most in America by Coronavirus, is New Jersey with 169,000 cases and 12,857. In America, the third place to be hit the most is California with

169,000 cases and 5,424 deaths.

Meanwhile, at a White House briefing, a reporter asked Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary, if the Novel Coronavirus was still a priority. To which Kayleigh McEnany replied:

“Absolutely it’s still a priority. It’s why the task force meets regularly, the president is given that information. The vice president has been leading on the task force and the president ultimately makes the decisions and is constantly kept up to date with the latest numbers.”

Kayleigh McEnany added:

“We’re in a more regular routine where when we see a spike or an ember as the president calls them we’re able to quickly go and put it out and we have that system in place.”

Former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, says that this was not at all the case. He stated:

“These are outbreaks. We’re seeing doubling times now falling under 10 days. These are on the cusp of getting out of control. I think these states still have a week or two to take actions to try to get these under control.”

Because of the loosing up of lockdown measures all over America, there is now seen a huge spike in the number of Coronavirus cases in several states all over the West and South of America.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb added:

“We expected cases to go up as we reengaged in social activity, but it’s gone up more than we predicted. Certain states have been slower to reopen. Other states have been much more aggressive. The states that were aggressive are the states where we’re seeing these outbreaks right now.”

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