Moria Refugee Camp Wiped Out

Moria refugee camp wiped out!

A fire engulfed Moria refugee camp on Tuesday night and another fire started later, which burned any remaining tents on Wednesday. For the second consecutive night, families slept in car parks, in fields and on the streets and in the fields and, after fleeing Moria camp.

An estimated 400 young people and children have been flown to Greece. Fires have erupted in more than three areas in a short period of time in the Moria refugee camp. The fires, initially fueled by strong winds, were extinguished on Wednesday morning. About 10 fire engines, 20 firefighters and a helicopter were dispatched to the scene.

On the road side, of the burnt Moria refugee camp, migrant groups sat under olive trees and on the kerbside. Some pushed shopping carts loaded with blankets, while others had small bags.

An Afghan woman was holding her baby girl, who was born 25 days ago. She said she and her family spent the night outside, as police had not allowed them to return to the Moria refugee camp. She said no one brought them food or water.

Greek authorities said a boat, as well as two sea ships, were on their way to provide relief and accommodation. Notis Mitarachi, Greek Immigration Minister, stated that about 2,000 people would be temporarily housed on the ships. But he also said authorities were working to provide emergency accommodation near the site of the devastated Moria refugee camp.

Mr Mitarachi said the situation was tense in the camp, because a 15-day separation had been imposed after a migrant was tested for Novel Coronavirus last week. Authorities put the building in solitary confinement last week, after a Somalian was confirmed to have COVID-19.

Europe’s largest refugee camp, Moria refugee camp, is located on the Greek island of Lesbos. The refugees here, lived in crowded tents, with less number of toilets, showers and no proper health care available.

The fire destroyed most of the camp, leaving most of its 13,000 residents homeless. Since 2015, Moria has accommodated immigrants, now mainly Afghan refugees, who want to reach northern Europe.

What will become of the residents of Moria refugee camp?

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