Model Ireland Baldwin Poses In Just Her Boots

Model Ireland Baldwin poses in just her boots!

Model Ireland Baldwin needs nothing more than her boots in lockdown. That is why her followers keep an eye on her bare downside.

The model beauty wears nothing on her, except a pair of black overknee boots, while she makes herself comfortable naked, on her armchair or stretches her bare bottom into the camera.

Model Ireland Baldwin (25), is the daughter of actress Kim Basinger (67) and Alec Baldwin (62). She automatically ensures hot temperatures in her own four walls, into which she has withdrawn because of the lockdown.

So that both her 650,000 followers on Instagram and she do not get caught in the warehouse fever, she counteracts this on her channel with a series of new revealing photos.

A daring presentation, which, according to the numerous comments under her postings, meets with enthusiasm for the most part, but one or the other suggestion like:

“These boots make my thing grow.” Said one user.

What would Papa Alec say about the boot escapade of his daughter Model Ireland Baldwin?

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