Mike Pompeo Investigation Underway?

Mike Pompeo investigation underway?

US Congress is believed to be investigating Mike Pompeo because he is the US Secretary of State and yet he spoke at the GOP convention.

What are people, saying about the Mike Pompeo investigation?


But we are 3 months away from a general election. Trump could care less about the GOP…. Odds are if he does get re-elected Trump will face a Dem house an Senate.. Being Trump doesnt really understand the branches an their purpose his battle will end with impeachment again..


Are they going to do something about it, or just talk about this one, too?


Congress isn’t doing shit. Trump should be impeached again. Barr should be impeached. They need to do something.


The Present Administration breaks every law there is & they’re still standing. Get rid of them


The 111th congress was all democrats with Obama in office. That got us the ACA. LBJ briefly had an all Democrat congress. That got us the voting rights act, Medicare and Medicaid. American citizens voted these congresses in. Dictatorship?


But nothing ever happens. They’ve interviewed lots of people, and even impeached Benedict Donald and nothing ever changes. I hope to God they all get what they deserve when the next administration takes over.


I must have missed it. Which impeachable offense is he guilty of this time? A phone call? The emoluments clause? Being a BAD person on Twitter? Dazzle me with your legal analysis…


He doesn’t need to be guilty of breaking a law to be impeached.  he’s guilty of Hatch Act, emoluments clause (x100), not being fit to be the President.


The failure to remove Trump has emboldened him. He knows that they only way he can be removed from office is at the Polls. So of course he is trying to suppress the vote. As he said if people vote Republicans can’t win. They know it. He knows it.

What will come of the Mike Pompeo investigation?


Seems kind of late for this, but I’m not about to criticize Congress for upholding the law and doing their job.  All of this Trump-related criminality needs to be accounted for.

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