Meghan Markle Secrets To Be Revealed By Her Sister

Meghan Markle secrets to be revealed by her sister.

Everything seems to indicate that 2021 will not be calmer for the Dukes of Sussex. After leaving the British royal family and having settled permanently in California, everything seems to indicate that this year will not be serene for this marriage.

Samantha, the sister of the Duchess of Sussex, releases a memoir on January 17, where she reveals the secrets of Meghan Markle, before marrying Harry. Samantha advances a 330-page memoir, where she announces making the threats made years ago to reveal the true story of her half sister come true.

Samantha had already warned on more than one occasion that she was going to write a book about her relationship with her sister, now very deteriorated and practically non-existent and that of the Duchess with her father, Thomas Markle, with whom she had not spoken since before her wedding, in May 2018.

Since the relationship between Meghan Markle and Lady Di’s youngest son became public in mid-2016, Samantha Markle has been talking about her sister and repeatedly threatening to uncover her true story before meeting the former prince.

Meghan and Samantha are daughters of the same father, Thomas Markle, but not of the same mother, since the current Duchess is the daughter of Doria Ragland, Thomas’s second wife and Samantha is the result of the first marriage to Roslyn Loveless.

Thomas Markle Jr. is also the fruit of that marriage, who has not hesitated to criticize his sister at this time. He has also been critical of her, in fact a couple of weeks before Meghan and Harry’s wedding, he sent a letter to the prince to warn him that the link was “a big mistake.” And in May 2019 he gave an interview saying that he had lost his home and his job and that he had to live with his family in a hotel room.

What are the secrets of Meghan Markle which will be revealed by her sister?

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