Megan Fox Helps Colson Baker Overcome Drug Addiction

Megan Fox helps Colson Baker overcome drug addiction!

Colson Baker revealed that Megan Fox helped him overcome drug addiction.

In a conversation, this was frankly spoken about, by Colson. According to the rapper, Megan did a lot to help him get rid of his addiction and now it is thanks to her, that he does not use drugs.

Colson clarified that Megan was not the only person on his path to a drug-free life. The rapper also thanked his close friend Travis Barker, for his support, who also once was able to refuse to take illegal substances and from his own experience knew how hard it was for Colson.

30-year-old Colson Baker, better known by the pseudonym Machine Gun Kelly, has repeatedly admitted that 34-year-old lover Megan Fox has greatly changed his life. Due to Megan in his life, Colson got rid of his drug problem and he also got to know the meaning of true love.

Rumors about the romance of Megan Fox and Colson Baker appeared in late spring, when the actress and her husband Brian Austin Green announced their separation, after 10 years of marriage.

Soon Meghan and Colson began to appear frequently in public together and confirmed their relationship. At the same time, Austin Green hoped that he and Megan would be able to overcome their issues and thus save their family.

However, this never happened and recently, Megan officially filed for divorce from Brian, from whom she has three sons.

Colson admitted that Megan Fox was by his side during the most difficult times, when he had withdrawal symptoms due to refusal to take illegal substances and provided him with the necessary support.

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